Fashion & Textiles: REFLECTION


During our first day of Fashion and Textiles we were asked in the morning to go out and draw our surroundings, but to not be too precious with our drawings. When i first started the course, not caring about being perfect with my drawing was difficult as it is something i am a perfectionist with. Howvever, after doing several fast drawing activities during class, I am becoming more able to just enjoy the process of drawing rather than the specifics of the finished sketch. I enjoyed this part of the day the most, as it was a challenge to draw things I was surrounded by but it was also something I thoroughly enjoyed. Making the shapes we drew into mini 3D models was interesting as they were surprisingly stiff and held their shape well due to being small. However, scaling them up and putting them onto the body was something I enjoyed less so, because the shapes looked different once they were placed on the body and the material was larger/heavier therefore lost its shape easily.

The main thing i learnt from today was that the shapes we had and how we had found them had come from random things in our surroundings, this made me realise that you can find inspiration for work anywhere and that you can source ideas from sketching things out rather than sitting there thinking about what to draw before actually doing it.


At the beginning of the day, we each created our own individual patterns in which we cut up and used to stick on our silhouette drawings of our models. Today I was able to develop my drawing further, and I noticed that since doing these fast pace drawings its more about documenting things for ideas to use in future projects rather than having a perfect sketch to look back on. I really enjoyed the drawing aspect of the day, I also felt it was the part that I was of the most use in terms of contribution to my team. I created a sketch of one of our photographs which was used along side images for our presentation in front of the class. Throughout this project, I enjoyed working in a team, it was refreshing to hear things from a new perspective or perhaps hear of ideas that I never would've thought of by myself.