Todays first task raised some interesting conversations about how our objects (refer to research page) should be arranged. The first two tasks of organising in the event of being stranded and in the order of size were given to us by our tutors, however the third one of arranging according to identity was my table groups idea. This wa ssomething quite personal because in my opinion, a sketchbook and array of different sized fine liners is apart of my identity when searching through the things in my bag as it isn't something everyone carries and from it you can tell i draw. Whereas, if you pull a water bottle out of a bag it tells you nothing about the individual person. However, someone else may say they drink a lot of water and therefore it is personal to them. Hearing others viewpoints and opinions on their daily possessions was strange because suddenly something that we didn't think too much about became a focal point for conversation, and so something that usually would go unnoticed was given a status.

When attempting to curate my own collection, I originally thought of travel and perhaps collecting sign posts with place names on them. Upon doing this I started to look at the individual letters rather than the signs as a whole.


After going through my research I noticed a common theme of grouping things by numbers which made me think about how that is an individual tool of communication just as the alphabet is. From this, I realised that my project has developed to become about communication and the ways in which we communicate rather than just an individual tool for communication, as i've started to look into methods such as morse code or even sign language. I decided I wanted my piece to not be something you could understand at a glance but something you had to figure out like a puzzle. This was when I started to colour in vowels and circle consonants in the newspaper.


Today we had a critical in which we were in small groups, observing and talking about each other's work.



- Braille 

- Constellation 

- Cells 

- Distorting letters

- Code 


Of all the words people gave me that they felt linked to my work I was interested to see that by putting 'ABC' in the corner of the page it immediately made people think a little longer on the piece which is what i had intended on. Just from spending a little longer questioning what was meant by ABC, someone was able to somewhat figure out my intentions with 'distorting letters'. This gave me security in the fact that if people thought about it hard enough they could identify that it was some form of coded alphabet or at least about communication. Although I wanted my work to not be easily figured out, I also didn't want it to be impossible to understand. As the piece was about communication, I was glad that the work was understood to a degree.