Graphic Communication Design: REFLECTION


I enjoyed working in a pair today because when one of us was stuck or didn't know where to place fabric when it came to putting them on the body, there was the other one of us to try and help.  It was comforting especially as my partner and I weren't initially very confident with organising fabric onto the body. Today I spent majority of my time being the model or drawing the model and doing the photography rather than styling, but I felt these were my strong points within this one day project. At first we felt our theme would be a monochrome theme where the clothing placed on the model would be black and white therefore giving our photograohs a certain aesthetic. However, after consideration and creation of a monochrome hybrid look, I was reminded of an artist by the name KAWS. He creates characters that are usually black and white but sometimes he will inject small amounts of colour into the figures, I thought this could be effective so we tried this within our styling.

Our tutor complimented our use of tissue paper and then said it was a shame you couldn't see the subtle movements in the photographs that the breeze caused. From this we then decided to take a video outside of the tissue paper swaying. I photographed/videoed the model on a clear white background as well as outside in front of a brick wall. However, because the idea was about injecting small bursts of colour into a monochrome scene I felt that the white backdrop worked better as this meant everything but the tissue paper was black and white. The movements of the tissue paper however, showed the material wasn't stiff. Observing others was a major help when it came to the styling, watching the pair beside us helped my partner and I think of covering the face somehow rather than just putting fabric onto the torso of the body. Also the pair beside allowed us to photograph and draw their work, which also helped. 


I was given the number '3' to draw around and on in order to give it a new purpose/image. I produced several design ideas in my sketchbook revolving around this number, some consisting of snakes, elephants, or completely made up characters and from this I produced a screen print. I'd never tried this screen printing method before, it was fun to do however when it came to cutting out the shapes I struggled and ripped parts of the stencil. Next time i just need to be more careful and take my time, as well as not having such thin lines to cut. The end product I felt was effective as the colours were bold and consistent (all the same shade) which i liked because there were no distractions from the main attraction of the work - my character. If the background didnt have a strong consistency I think the image overall would've looked very busy as even my character had a lot of detail. I felt that this day was one of my more successful days because I think it was one of the days I enjoyed the most. After this day, I became interested in how illustration can be made into animations or stop motion films rather than remaining static (developed further on research page).

11 OCT

The main body of research that we did for this project was primary research, which was collected from an anonymous person in the class via text messages. Using texts to gather material to work with at first seemed strange and slightly invasive, however it was the most intriguing piece of research i've done since being on the course, as it's a method of research i'd never thought of before. The conversation started from the word "fear". It felt bizarre to be talking to a stranger about topics such as their fears, and what scares them, whilst obtaining this mysterious level of trust allowing them to let out these fears despite not having a clue as to who I am.  The person texting me asked whereabouts I live, and after responding "East London" the conversation quickly became about crime rates, dangerous areas, knife crime etc. My original phrases that I took from my anonymous text conversation were "close to home", "it can happen to anybody", and "sad existence". I chose to focus in on "it can happen to anybody" as i felt this was broad and inclusive to a wide range of people rather than just an individual, meaning the final outcome would be more effective and captivate a wider range of people's attention for longer. Shortening this to "it can happen", I felt that this made it a lot harder to decipher if the text was supposed to have a positive connotation or negative, leaving it down to the viewer to decide it's tone.