We were given words to create a project from to begin with. My groups three words to work with were anarchism, air and fold. Trying to come up with 10 ideas from these 3 words was quite challenging as well as talking to new people i'd never met before. However, in small groups it wasn't so daunting and working with others helped to maximise ideas. Usually I work alone so mixing with people i've never spoken to before and sharing different concepts was interesting as the variety was so wide. Our idea consisted of a large rubber bubble in which looked like a piece of bubblegum and bread dough left inside to prove. Part of the idea was that the bubblegum would represent anarchy however one of our peers interjected and rightfully so said that they didn't see the link. The idea only really linked to folding and air. 






From this, I took the idea of bubblegum and it growing larger however gave it a political background to the idea instead. Whenever Donald Trump was to tweet, my idea of a rubbery, pink substance resembling bubblegum would blow up and explode. Trump tweets approximately 12-16 times a day. This meant that my piece would not be dormant for long periods of time and could be displayed in a public area.