29 OCT

Today for my primary research I took some photographs of what I considered to be white space. Firstly there were the obvious things like white walls, white stair cases, etc. just white things. Further on from this I decided that a gap could be white space. A gap meaning point A to B. Travelling to work could be considered as a white space gap, its a point in time where you aren't really focused on much other than getting to where you need to be. A blank moment perhaps, where your mind is clear and you can just think. These thoughts were triggered by a picture I took of at first a plug socket, containing three holes and then a bin where i could not see the bottom of. This interested me as I knew this bin had an end but I couldn't physically see it. There was a point A and B but i couldn't identify one of them. This is what triggered my thoughts of white space being something that is never ending. Flashes of white light can cause your vision to be obscured, meaning you can't see anything but white and therefore it could seem to go on forever. Similarly, dark holes can have a never ending effect and create the illusion that a hole just keeps deepening.

From these thoughts and our research we were asked to create a manifesto of our own based around white space. I was not entirely happy with my original manifesto as I felt i based it too much around one of the images I made using my white shapes (shown below) rather than on something a little more broad.



30 OCT

When sketching ideas for my own project i decided I wanted to change my manifesto slightly, to allow for a variety of different outcomes rather than for all of them to come out similar to my first set of images. I decided i wanted to create my own black hole that only i would know the end of and could manipulate. From this I decided there were certain things about my manifesto that I could keep and some I would need to change to make it more flexible.

Improved manifesto:



(altered manifesto)


For there to be happiness, there must be sadness.

For there to be day, there must be night.

For there to be a start, must there be an end?


1) Focus on something seemingly never-ending.

2) The final piece must not have a set background.

3) Must create a sense of wonder.


Today was the crit day. I had positive feedback from the group, claiming my idea was clear and executed well. They commented on how I'd taken the term white space and made it dark, saying that it was unusual and interesting that i'd decided to take it the opposite way literally but metaphorically the meaning was similar to most of the other's in the group - the feeling of time, continuity, and space to think. There was also comments about further development, saying that if the piece had been bigger e.g to the size that someones head may fit in - would the outcome/feelings of the piece be different? Thinking about this further, I thought it would be interesting to create this black hole on a larger scale, something that feels like you could fall straight through it. I think this would have a stronger response than the piece i created for the crit which is obviously a smaller scale model.